Wuhan Linptech Co., Ltd Wuhan Linptech Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Wuhan Linptech Co., Ltd is a high-tech company which is supported by Huazhong University of Science and Technology. We focus on self-powered wireless technology and committed to providing new, interesting, environmental-friendly and useful produces since 2009.

  • Independent R&D team

    We have independent R&D team, and keep on designing more flexibility useful and easier product to sell.

  • Independent factory

    We have independent factory, which covers more than 1,000 ㎡. Now, we produce self-powered wireless doorbell, self-powered wireless switch to sell.

Contact Us

Add/Office:  2/A1, Lianxiang Enterprise Center, Wuhan, 430223, China
Add/Factory:  2/A Innovative Yuan, Changzui Science Park, Wuhan, 430223, China
Tel:  0086-15972134392
Email:  global@linptech.com