24GHz Millimeter Wave Radar Human Presence Detection Sensor
Roof mounted

Static human body presence recognition

Ceiling concealment 丨 6 Meters sensing distance
Intelligent linkage 丨 8-Speed gap adjustable

The Linptech radar human presence sensor ES1 is based on 24G microwave technology, actively detecting subtle movements, such as chest micro movements caused by human breathing and local micro action lights of the human body, thereby achieving recognition and distance positioning of static human bodies.

Compared to traditional infrared human body sensors, it can effectively avoid the situation that the light automatically be off when there is no motion.

Radar human presence sensor

Infrared (PIR) human body sensor

Induction mechanism

Doppler radar sensing principle (active detection)

Principle of Pyroelectric Infrared Induction (Passive Radiation)

Action sensitivity

Detect human heartbeat, breathing, micro movement, and movement

Only human movement and close range micro movements can be detected

Environmental temperature impact

No temperature effect

Sensitivity decreases when the temperature rises close to the human body

Application environment

Not affected by heat sources, light sources, or airflow interference

Easy to be disturbed by heat sources, light sources, and airflow

Penetration ability

Permeable fabric, plastic, glass lamp insulation materials

Only partially transparent plastic can be penetrated

Does the sensor detectthe distance?




  • 24GHz millimeter wave radar sensor - detect human presence and absence, the motion and the direction of motion, object speed and detected distance.

  • Highly configurable-adjust detection range, sensing sensitivity, trigger threshold, valid time for states changing, and installation environment.

  • Human motion perception maximum range: 6 meters.

  • With scene recognition ability, identify human presence/absence and human activity state, output body motion amplitude.

  • High immunity against interferences: Output data independently of environmental influences like temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light.

  • Long power supply, the radar module power is less than 0.5 watts.

Technical data

Power supply


Power consumption


Radar frequency


Light sensing range



  • Automatically outdoor lighting

  • Automated door opening

  • Whole house monitor

  • Intelligent home appliances (TV, bath bully, security, etc.)

  • Office energy (air conditioning, lighting)

  • Sleep monitoring curve

  • Home security

  • Automatically outdoor lighting

  • Automated door opening

  • Whole house monitor

  • Intelligent home appliances

  • Office energy

  • Sleep monitoring curve

  • Home security

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