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About Us

Linptech is a global green smart home brand, released by Wuhan Linptech Co.,Ltd. Provide smart home products and solutions based on self-generation technology, realize the battery-free of loT wireless control, and create a green smart home. Linptech owns self-powered wireless switches, smart wall switches, self-powered wireless doorbells, smart curtains, smart sockets, kinetic energy harvesting module and other products. With industry-leading technical advantages, exquisite design and excellent quality. It has won the trust of millions of users, and is widely used in household, apartment, real estate, hotel and office industries.

Wuhan Linptech Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise established in 2009, focusing on the research and development of safe and environmentally friendly micro-energy power generation technology and products. We are the world's leading supplier of micro-energy control technology solutions. The main employees of Linptech have worked for Huawei, TP-Link, Intel, Microsoft, etc., possessing international advanced technology and management capabilities. The main investors are 360, Tiger Boy Fund, Opties Valley Talent Fund, and CLP Optics Valley.

Development Process Development Process

Development Process

Patent Advantage Patent Advantage

Patent Advantage


  • More than 100 registered trademarks

  • Domestic Design Red Star Award

  • More than 100 patents for micro-kinetic energy power generation technology. Nearly 40 invention patents. 3 items software copyright of control software

  • National High-Tech Enterprise

  • Won the people's choice award of Damai List

  • Director of Beijing Lighting Electrical Appliance Association

  • Wuhan Gazelle Enterprise

  • CHTF Excellent Product Award


Brand Advantage

  • Tokyo Olympic partners
    Tokyo Olympic partners
  • Self-powered wireless products supplier of 2020 Wuhan Square Cabin Hospital for COVID-19
    Self-powered wireless products supplier of 2020 Wuhan Square Cabin Hospital for COVID-19

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