Water Immersing and Rain Water Leak Detector For Home Remote Alarm Security Soaking Sensor

*Note: Indoor installation, drizzle can be detected,
 no risk of falling objects

This product is a two-in-one sensor for rain and water immersion, using 37 detection electrodes, with a large detection area and high detection sensitivity.

Equilateral triangular design, inclined surface drainage, edge free electrode, to avoid after the rain stops, the edge of the water can not be restored to a waterless state.

Multi-gear detection, adjustable sensitivity, effectively remind flooding and rain and other troubles, such as forgetting to close the window when it rains, fish tank leaking and flooding wet floor, washing machine inlet pipe slipping, cold and hot water pipe aging bursting, etc.

Rain Sensor & Flood Sensor 2 in 1

Rainwater Detection

Water Leak Detection

Rain Detection and Remind to Close Windows

37 detection electrodes, more sensitive

Anti-False-Touch Design

Equilateral triangle design with sloped drainage No electrodes on the edge to avoid water pooling on the edge after the rain stops and can't recover from the rain-free condition

3-Gears Sensitivity Adjustable Design

Freely Selectable Flood Sensor Sensitivity Report when get wet or report when accumulate a certain amount of water

Water Leak Detection to Alert Flood Risk

2 mounting methods, corresponding to the two optional minimum water depth detection, to meet the needs of differentiated flooding state perception

Detecting water level:0.5mm
Detecting side face down

Detecting water level:1.2mm
Detecting side face up

Warning of Risks Such as Flooding and Rain

Forgetting to close windows when it rains

Fish tank leaks and soaked floors

The washing machine inlet hose slipped

Ageing and bursting of water pipes

*Can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, heating, warehouses, stores, workshops

Automatically Closes the Windows when it Occasionally Rains

Room Flooding, Timely Alerts

Once sensing room flooded, you can link the speaker to play a reminder, simultaneously, the phone receives a remote notification of flooding, handle water leakage problems in time

Pipe Burst, Automatic Shut-off Valve

Aging water pipes suddenly burst, speaker sound alert, while opening the smart socket, linkage turn off electromagnetic water valve

Fish Tank Flooding, Know it Early

Whether the tank is overflowing or bursting, you can receive timely alerts to prevent the floor from being soaked and fish accidents.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Up to 3 Years of Battery Life

Low power alarm in App

IPX7 Waterproof

Dispensing Sealing Process

Compact Design


Product Name

Flood & Rain Sensor RS1



Battery Capacity


Working Temperature


Waterproof Level




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